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Environmental Engineering

Hunan Junxin Environmental Protection Group

More than 1000 tons of titanium alloy TA2+Q345B composite board.

Product thickness (1.2+12) mm / (1.2+14) mm / (1.2+16) mm / (1.2+18) mm / (1.2+20) mm

Qinghai Salt Lake Industry

Aluminum hydroxide extraction titanium oxide project.

More than 200 tons of titanium alloy TA2+Q345R composite plate.

Product thickness (3+30) mm 

Southeast University

Landfill leachate concentration project

More than 50 tons of titanium alloy TA2+16MIII composite plate.

Jianlong Chemical

Sodium chloride material MVR evaporation project

More than 70 tons of titanium alloy TA2+316L/304L composite plate.

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Industry

Sewage treatment equipment

More than 480 tons of stainless steel S31603+ Q345RL composite board.

Product thickness (2+10)mm