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☆ 1993-2003 Research and test for explosive clad plate technology
☆ November 2003  Established Nanjing Runbang Metal Material CO., Ltd
☆ December 2003  The designated manufacturer company in metal clad plates by China Petrochemical & Equipment Ministry
☆ February 2004 Obtained ISO-9001 Certificate of Quality Management System
☆ April 2005  Gained 3 National Invention Patents in Clad Metal
☆ September 2006 Products enter the international market
☆ January 2008

Obtained the Registration Certificate of Explosive Clad Plate for Pressure Vessel

☆ May 2008

Established Nanjing Runbang Explosive Welding Technology Research Institute

☆ November 2009

Established Wholly-owned Subsidiary – Anhui Runbang Metal Material CO., Ltd

☆ January 2010

Obtained China National Weapons and Military Supplies Quality System Certificate

☆ September 2010

Identified as “Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center” by Nanjing Government

☆ October 2010 

Established Jiangsu Enterprise Academician Workstation

☆ October 2014

Runbang drafted a Industry Standard DL/T 1590-2016 (Titanium Clad Steel Used In Coal-fired Power Plant Chimney) for China Power Industry

☆ July 2016

Obtained ISO-9001:2015 & PED Certificates through by Lloyds register quality assurance

☆ December 2017

Changed into our current name “Jiangsu Runbang Clad Metal Material CO., Ltd”

☆ September 2019

Obtained ISO-14001 & ISO-45001 Certificates of EHS Management System


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Jiangsu Runbang Clad Metal Material CO., Ltd.
ADD:No. 3, Linhe South Road, Xingdian Street, Pukou District, Nanjing City,
Jiangsu Province, 211803, P. R. China


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Shi Hang
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Email:  shihang@runbang.com.cn