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  冯叔瑜,中国工程院院士,教授、博士生导师,爆炸力学科学家,南京润邦金属复合材料有限公司院士工作站特聘院士,国内爆炸工程领域的开拓者和领军人物。冯院士及其领军团队先后完成了国家级、部级重点科研项目40多项,先后获得国家科技大会奖、国家发明奖、部委科技进步奖30项,并著有专著12部、译作3部,是国内公认的炸药和爆炸力学专家,冯叔瑜院士作为我公司高级技术顾问,几年来在爆炸焊接炸药配方、布药方式、减波技术等方面进行了深入研究,为公司在爆炸焊接技术领域的创新发展起到推动作用。    2010年1月13日,依托南京润邦金属复合材料有限公司建设的企业院士工作站建成,2012年联合南京理工大学开展2012年江苏省成果转化专项资金项目,研发了低猛度临界炸药爆炸复合技术。    院士工作站研发中试场所面积3600余平米,设备齐全,建立了组织机构和相关运行管理制度,建立了以冯叔瑜院士为首的28人的研发团队,联合开展了“高硬度高耐磨复合衬板生产工艺”等8项技术研发,申请发明专利两项,获省高新技术产品1项,发表论文5篇,获省科技进步奖三等奖1项,培养硕士研究生4名。    江苏省硬脆金属复合材料工程技术研究中心:    省科技厅关于下达2010年第一批省科技发展计划(工程技术研究中心建设项目)的通知,建设期间南京润邦研发了新工艺3项、新技术3项、授权专利10余项,并与多所高校签订产学研合作协议,多次联合开展水中爆炸高耐蚀金属复合输油管道制造技术、燃煤锅炉除尘设备用金属复合材料技术研发等研发项目,中心所具有的硬软件平台,为合作的高校提供了硕士、博士研究生学习、实习的条件和场所,仅2013-2016年中心接受并协助免费培训研究生7名。    工程技术研究中心设立中心管理委员会,联合南京理工大学材料工程学院王克鸿教授、解放军理工大学史长根教授、哈尔滨工业大学高云峰教授、广西大学李伟洲教授等有关人员共同组织研发。中心下设工程技术委员会、工程技术委员会主任、爆炸研究室焊接研究室钎焊轧制研究室中试车间试验检测室。管理委员会具体负责工程中心发展规划、项目计划的审定,监督、考评以及审议财务预决算及其效益评估,协调工程中心与合作单位之间的关系,聘用或解聘中心工作人员,制订管理制度及其它应由管理委员会决定的事宜。

Mr. Feng Shuyu, Academician-China National Academy of Engineering, professor, doctoral advisor, the leading experts and scientist of explosion engineering national wide, he is also a distinguished academician of enterprise academician workstation of Jiangsu Runbang Clad Metal Material Co., Ltd. Academician Feng Shuyu and his team have completed the China national and ministerial key scientific research over 40 projects, gained China National Science Congress Award, National Invention Award, Ministerial scientific and technological progress Award and other more than 30 awards, he has published 12 special books and 2 translations, he is widely acknowledged expert in explosives and explosive mechanics. As Runbang’s senior technical consultant, Academician Feng intensively studied over the years deeply in the explosive formula of explosion bonding, explosive charging operation, wave-absorbing technology and etc., it is essential to the development of the explosive welding technology for our company

Relying on Nanjing Runbang Metal Material CO., Ltd, Jiangsu Enterprise Academician Workstation was established by 13-Jan-2010, and jointly Jiangsu Achievement Transformation Special Fund Project in 2012 by Runbang and Nanjing University of Science and Technology, have successfully developed the low intensity critical explosive composite technology.

Academician workstation covers an area of more than 3,600 square meters and fully equipped, with the perfect organization structure and relevant operation management system, A 28-member research and development team has been established and headed by Academician Feng Shuyu. His team joined research and development on “High hardness and high wear-resisting composite lining plate technology” and others total 8 technologies, obtained 2 invention patents and one of Provincial high-tech products, published 5 articles, awarded one Provincial The Third Prize of Technology Progress, directed 4 students for master degree.

Jiangsu Province Hard-brittle Metallic Composite Materials Engineering Research Center

Provincial Department of Science and Technology issued a notice about the first batch of provincial science and technology development plan (Engineering technology Research Center construction project) in 2010 year, Runabng has successful developed 3 new manufacturing process, 3 new technologies, obtained more than 10 invention patents, signed Industry-university-research Cooperation agreements and ties with many universities. In the meanwhile, the manufacturing technology of high corrosion resistant metal composite pipeline in water explosion, research and development of metal composite material for dust removal equipment of coal-fired boiler were jointly developed by Runabng and these universities together. The Engineering Research Center with a sound hardware and software platforms, it provides the training places and conditions for the master's and doctor's of many universities, the center received and assisted free training for 7 graduate students from 2013 to 2016 year.

The management committee of the Engineering research Center allied with Professor Wang Kehong of Nanjing University of Science and Technology College of Engineering Materials, Professor Shi Changgen of PLA University of Science and Technology, Professor Gao Yunfeng of Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Li Weizhou of Guangxi University and other relevant personnel to jointly organize research and development. The Center consists of an engineering and technical Committee, Chairman of the Engineering And Technical Committee, Explosion Research Lab, Welding Research Lab、Brazing rolling Research Lab and Pilot Plant Test room. The management Committee is specifically responsible for Engineering Center’s development planning and approval, to supervise, evaluate and examine the financial budget/final accounts and evaluate their benefits, coordinate the relationship between engineering center and cooperative units, to employ or dismiss Centre staff, develop management system and other matters which need to be decided by the management Committee.

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